Our Team

In chronological order of joining lab.

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Peter Thorpe

Peter completed a PhD at the University of Edinburgh with Noreen Murray studying viral restriction. He undertook post-doctoral training with David Porteous, also at the University of Edinburgh and Rodney Rothstein, at Columbia University, New York studying genetic recombination and kinetochore function. In 2011 he started his own laboratory at the National Institute of Medical Research in London, which later became the Francis Crick Institute. In 2018 the lab moved to East London to the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London.

E-mail: p [dot] thorpe [at] qmul [dot] ac [dot] uk

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Guðjón Ólafsson

Guðjón completed a BSc in Molecular Biology at Birkbeck, University of London and then a PhD in the Thorpe lab at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research in Mill Hill (later the Francis Crick Institute). He is now  a post-doctoral fellow principally studying the function of kinetochore phosphorylation.

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Rowan Howell

Rowan completed a Masters in Mathematics at the University of Oxford. He is studying for his PhD in a joint project with Attila Csikasz-Nagy at Kings College London. He uses both biology and mathematics to understand how protein-protein interactions affect cell division.


Cinzia Klemm

Cinzia is undertaking a PhD in our lab, she is studying phosphorylation of mitotic spindle components by key cell cycle kinases and their subsequent de-phosphorylation. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Konstanz (BSc) and University of Freiburg (MSc).

Robin Hayes

Robin is an undergraduate who is working in our lab as part of his Biomedical Sciences BSc at Queen Mary.


Henry Wood

Henry is a research technician in the lab. He completed his BSc in Biochemistry at the University of Kent and has experience working with Ustilago in Gero Steinberg’s lab at the University of Exeter.


Stephanie Addo-Boadu

Stephanie is undertaking a MSc in Biochemistry at Queen Mary University, she is performing the practical aspects of her course studying centromere function in yeast.


Grace Heredge Thomas

Grace completed a BSc in Biochemistry at Bath University. She is undertaking a PhD project in our laboratory and in collaboration with Singer Instruments Ltd. She is funded by a BBSRC industrial Case award, which is part of the London Interdisciplinary Doctoral (LIDo) Programme. Grace is working on high-throughput methods for gene targeting.

Alumni - These are past members of the lab

  1. Erika Aquino - Sandwich student

  2. Eleanor Bellows - Sandwich student

  3. Sonia Stinus - Placement student

  4. Eva Herrero - Post doctoral research fellow

  5. Elena Ledesma-Fernández - PhD student

  6. Mathilde Fousier - Placement student

  7. Dorine Thobois - Placement student

  8. Alex Becalick - Sandwich student

  9. Léa Bouton - Placement student

  10. Ilona Tyré - Placement student

  11. Lisa Berry - Technician

  12. Wenjun Guo - PhD student